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Women have always been associated with beauty. And women have always seemed to be passionate about their clothing, hairstyle, accessories, and their overall lifestyle. Talking specifically about clothing and accessories, women these days have become more fashion concerned. Lets talk more on mishus. Please contact us if you want your blogs to be published here.

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Some Facts About Cashmere Fiber

Cashmere or in other words Pashmina is a luxury fiber known for its quality and comfortability. But how many of you know about Cashmere? Where does it comes from and what are its features and all? Here in this article we will be discussing about that.

Benefits of Wearing Cashmere

Cashmere is simply regarded as the king of fiber and throughout the history of mankind this fiber is worn by the nobles and royals. That was the case in the past but up untill now the value that people give to this high quality fiber is the same. To this day the clothes that are made from pure cashere is regarded as one of the highest quality and of the highest standard and value.

Defining Fashion and It's Importance

Not everyone is really interested in the topic of fashion in Nepal. Majority of our Nepalese people especially the adults wear the traditional dress like traditional dhaka topi and daura suruwal and female like gunyo cholo. Others simply wear what is available in abundance in the market.

Dress Designer Nepal

Mishus is passionate about dress designing for women using fabric especially luxury cashmere. We are been experienced and professional Dress Designer Nepal that reflects our love for fashion and we design it in our own unique way.

women fashion Nepal

Mishus a renowned name for women fashion Nepal, Home grown Nepalese Women Fashion Designer manufacturing high end cashmere products and accessories for professional designing, weaving, dyeing and tailoring.

“MISHUS” debut collection was launched on 22nd November 2012 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The launch of the collection showcased creative, refreshing, and ready to wear clothing line made exclusively of wide range of fabrics like cashmere, wool, georgette, linen , leather and raw, crepe, & satin silk.

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