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Before heading towards the topic of Fashion Nepal, lets first know what fashion really means. In simple terms fashion can be defined as the way of living. It is ultimate form of art which refers to how people dress and deals with the things like what kind of clothing materials and accessories will make them look presentable, up-to-date and fanciful.

Fashion is something, which is not related to the way we dress, it is the way we present ourselves. Our behavior, our manners and our style of representing ourselves also counts. Although these things are not superficial and dynamic whereas Fashion is. Fashion keeps on changing with winds of time continuously. And this can be proved if we compare how people used to dress in the past and in present.

Nepal may be small developing country, but Fashion Nepal cannot be compared to the size as the Nepal itself. In reality, fashion Nepal is an emerging trend here. Nepalese fashion sense is extremely influenced with the western culture. However, we have to admit that not much impact is taking places in the rural areas. Although cities like Kathmandu and other places fashion is becoming a part of life for the public.

Nepal is a secular country, which is home to diverse ethnic groups, religion and even the climatic conditions. And all these diversified situations has created significant changes in Nepalese clothing both in the past and the present. Nepalese clothing has also been influenced with the neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, but no one can deny the fact that all these clothing are unique on their own. And all these aspects make it possible to do something more in the field of fashion in Nepal.

'MISHUS' walk-on Women's Fashion Nepal

Fashion is all about creativeness and with little tweaks and turns in western style along with our traditional culture something excellent can be achieved. And this is where "MISHUS" role comes into play. "MISHUS" is a Kathmandu based women’s-wear brand which has earned its name and reputation by blending the elegant clothing tradition of Nepalese culture with a little modern twist. It was founded in the year 2012 and it was the same year when it launched its debut collection. "MISHUS" believes that there is huge possibility in the field of women's fashion Nepal.

The designer Mishu Shrestha was inspired from Mrs. Ann Katrin BauknechtHonorary Consular General of Nepal to Germany, has passion for beauty and creativity. Under the guidance of Mrs. Bauknecht and Mr. Angelo Russica, Director of Milan Fashion Campus, Italy, she created her own brand 'MISHUS'

MISHUS is just one example, which is working hard to develop the fashion sector in Nepal. There are others in this business as well. Fashion Nepal truly holds the potential and perhaps someday the time will come when the whole world will recognize the name of Nepal through Fashion Nepal.

“MISHUS” debut collection was launched on 22nd November 2012 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The launch of the collection showcased creative, refreshing, and ready to wear clothing line made exclusively of wide range of fabrics like cashmere, wool, georgette, linen , leather and raw, crepe, & satin silk.

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